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Eagles of the Week: May 24, 2024

Congratulations to Williams Elementary School’s latest Eagles of the Week!

Ms. Kinney is excited to nominate Rylee Leeman! She shares, “Rylee has come a long way this year with her focus on academic tasks and working with peers. She is working hard at making her work neat and showing what she is capable of. Rylee is being very kind and respectful to her peers as well as teachers and is engaged in classroom conversations. I am so proud of all you have accomplished this year and can’t wait to see what next year holds for you! Continue working hard and keep making progress, Rylee!”

Team Forney Hamilton would like to nominate Lilly Witham for the fourth grade Eagle of the Week. They share, “Lilly’s attitude is trending positive this spring! Although Lilly may try to come off as unhappy at times, with an encouraging word, she lights up laughing and smiling. (She is the happiest when doing gymnastics!) Lilly has a heart of gold and loves to help out her teachers and classmates. Continue to push yourself and work hard, Lilly!”

Miss Desmarais would like to nominate Baylee Berrier for this week’s fifth grade Eagle of the Week. She shares, “Baylee has worked so hard this year in her education and has made strong gains in reading and math. She is a hard worker and I am so proud of her hard work. Baylee is a kind, friendly classmate willing to work with anyone. She is often found drawing and has such a creative eye. Keep up the great work, Baylee. I can’t wait to see where you will go from here!”

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