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Bees? Yes, Please!

The “Read ME Agriculture” program came to visit Williams Elementary School to talk to the third grade students about the importance of the honeybee. Jeff Chase along with some students of the program read a book called Honeybee, The Busy Life of Aphis Mellifera by Candice Fleming to get students interested in and thinking about the honeybee. Students learned about the different types of bees, what each of the bee’s jobs were, the tools to use when working around bees, how to collect the honey, and even how to create your own bee pollinators for your gardens. Students had the most fun when trying the honey and checking out the honey frames from the boxes or “supers.” Each super holds ten frames inside it that the bees build wax onto. One can usually collect about 35 pounds of honey out of one of the supers! #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18


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