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Mr. Drew and His Animals Too

Mr. Drew recently visited Williams Elementary School and taught students about various animals and the adaptations they have to survive. He brought in Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a tarantula named Sandy, along with a scorpion, snapping turtle, tortoise, bearded dragon, iguana, Argentine tegu, jungle carpet python, and an Argentine boa!

Each one of these animals had interesting adaptations and Mr. Drew shared some really neat facts about each one as well. Students learned a lot about the different animals and were even able to touch a few of them! Finally, Mr. Drew had a challenge for everyone that day – to pick up one piece of trash every day to allow us, the animals, and our planet to continue thriving. If every person did this, we would have over 8 billion pieces of trash in just one day! It was one amazing day filled with learning along with some gasps and giggles… especially when Mr. Drew put some of the cockroaches in his mouth! #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18


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