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Eagles of the Week, 5/17/2021

Grade 3: Rowan Fitzsimmons

Ms. Kinney and a classmate nominate Rowan Fitzsimmons for this week’s Grade 3 Eagle of the Week! Drystin says that Rowan is always nice to his peers and helps others in the classroom. Ms. Kinney nominates Rowan for his awesome effort in his work and focus this last trimester. He always adds great insight to our class discussions and a little humor along the way. Rowan works at whatever is thrown his way with perseverance, he is inquisitive and takes pride in his work. Continue to work hard and never stop being you, Rowan!!


Grade 4: Walter Ponitz

Mrs. Mayo would like to nominate Walter Ponitz as Eagle of the Week!! Walter is always very focused in class and works hard to complete his tasks and classwork on time. When we were remote, Walter was always one of the first students to join our class and handed in all of his assignments on time. Walter is always listening and participates in class discussions. He is very responsible, always remembers his manners, and is kind and always willing to help his classmates. Walter is positive, caring, respectful, and always willing to help others. Keep up the amazing work, Walter.


Grade 5: Pagean DePalma Yahn

Mrs. Moody and her class would like to nominate Pagean DePalma Yahn for our Eagle of the Week. Pagean always has an Awesome Attitude and shows her Best Effort in all of her tasks. Pagean is always one of the first students to join our remote meetings with a bright smile, a book in her hand, and an open mind. Her classmates recognized her kindness and willingness to support others. One classmate shared that Pagean helps others by answering questions in our Google Classroom. Pagean is positive, kind, thoughtful, responsible, hard-working and a bright light in our remote classroom community. Way to go, Pagean! Keep shining your light!

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