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Eagles of the Week, 5/3/2021

Grade 3: Tyler Fisher

Mrs. Sucy would like to nominate Tyler Fisher for Eagle of the Week. Tyler is always giving his best effort.  He is a great listener, friend, and classmate. He helps others often and is so kind every day. Tyler makes us all laugh with his smile, jokes, and laughter. Tyler works hard every single day and encourages others to do the same. Tyler, you are a great role model and friend here at WES and we are all so lucky to have you in our class! Keep up the fantastic work!!


Grade 4: Camille Pearson

Ms. LaPointe would like to nominate Camille (Millie) Pearson for Eagle of the Week. Millie is often the first one at our morning meeting each day. She comes to school every morning with a big smile on her face and is quick to greet everyone. Millie is focused during class time and loves to share her thinking. She completes her work on time and is open to feedback. Millie is a hard worker and an enthusiastic learner. Keep up the good work, Millie! We are proud of you!



Grade 5: Elton Hardy

Miss Davis and his classmates would like to nominate Elton Hardy for Eagle of the Week. One classmate said, “Elton is always engaged no matter what. He has an awesome attitude every day and makes jokes and is happy all the time. Elton has a growth mindset on a lot of things in the school. Elton is always ready to get called on and answer a question. If something is hard, Elton would not give up and he puts effort in his work.” Elton is a great role model and friend in our classroom! When he is at school, he is ready to work hard and doesn’t mind a challenge. Way to go, Elton, keep shining your light!


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