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Eagles of the Week, 3/29/21

Grade 3: Akadia Bourassa

Akadia has been nominated for Eagle of the Week by Ms. Warren and her friend Karsyn Mann. Akadia has the kindest heart and shows this through caring for others. She is always willing to lend a helping hand whether it’s for Ms. Warren or a classmate. Ms. Warren is also very proud of how hard Akadia works in the classroom. Akadia always gives her best effort even if something is hard. One of Akadia’s best qualities is her ability to brighten anyone’s day with her awesome and funny stories. Never change, Akadia! We are so proud of you.


Grade 4: Sayla Penney

Sayla has been nominated for Eagle of the Week by Mrs. Veilleux and a couple of her classmates. Sayla has been working incredibly hard this year on her school work. When tasks are hard for her she maintains a growth mindset and gives her best effort which has resulted in a lot of personal growth this year. Sayla is also always willing to help in class or run an errand if Mrs. Veilleux needs something. Sayla we are very proud of your hard work and perseverance this year. Keep being you and putting in all of your hard work and effort.


Grade 5: Bradley Isaac

Bradley has been nominated for Eagle of the Week by Mrs. Moody and Mrs. H-M for his awesome attitude and outstanding effort. Bradley has been a leader in our remote classroom since the first day of school. He is a deep thinker with perceptive insights into whatever book we’re reading and he asks great questions about every subject. He actively seeks and applies feedback to improve his work. Bradley’s writing has grown this year to reflect his hard work and outstanding effort. He is an absolute joy to work with! Bradley’s classmates supported his nomination by adding that even with internet challenges, he’s always participating. One student shared, “he’s a great student, no matter what!” Way to go, Bradley!


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