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First Eagles of the Week for 2021

Grade 3: Avery Violette

Mrs. Sucy nominated Avery as the third-grade Eagle of the Week. Avery is deserving of this because of her awesome attitude and her ability to stay positive even when things are difficult. She is a wonderful listener and role model. Avery works well with others and is always willing to participate. Her positive attitude and kindness toward everyone bring a bright light to our classroom. Keep being an awesome student and leader Avery!


Grade 4: Elizabeth Wrigley

Three members of Team Forney have nominated Elizabeth for the fourth-grade Eagle of the Week. Elizabeth was nominated for being an excellent listener. She listens whenever teachers or students are talking to her. She is also very engaged! She always raises her hand and gives her best effort. She is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Elizabeth is a bright light to everyone around her.


Grade 5: Hannah Spear

A classmate and Miss Hilton nominated Hannah for Eagle of the week for listening and effort. A classmate said about Hannah: “She is always listening to the teacher and even when things are hard for her, she always tries. Hannah puts effort into her work and has a great attitude toward her classmates and friends. She always has a smile on her face and makes others smile even when they are sad. She works hard to not become distracted.” Hannah is so fun to be around (don’t let her quiet appearance fool you) and gives all of her assignments her best effort. We are lucky to have her around! Keep up the good work, Hannah!

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