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Eagles of the Week 12/14/2020

Grade 3: Peter McLaughlin


Mrs. Charest and a classmate nominated Peter as the third-grade Eagle of the Week. Peter displays an awesome attitude and ALWAYS has a positive growth mindset. He works well with others during group activities and his peers consider him very likable and easy to get along with. Peter has quite a sense of humor that shines through daily. He is willing to take risks, try new things, and is an active participant when it comes to his learning. Peter is always treating others the way that he would like to be treated, and that is with kindness, compassion, and a genuine willingness to help others. Be proud of who you are Peter and don’t change a thing! You rock!


Grade 4: Sullivan Cosentino


Mrs. Veilleux and another student nominated Sullivan for the Eagle of the Week for his effort and attitude. Sullivan went completely out of his comfort zone last week to accomplish a goal that he and Mrs. Veilleux set for him. He used his communication skills to create, plan, and succeed at his goal. Mrs. Veilleux is very proud of him for keeping a growth mindset and trying something new. You are a rock star, Sullivan! Keep stretching that comfort zone!


Grade 5: Prudence Baltazar


Prudence was nominated for the Eagle of the Week by Miss Cotter. Over the last week, her class has had to be split up, some being at home, and some being in the classroom. Regardless, Prudence kept a positive attitude and made sure that she was on time and ready to go for class, even if she didn’t have anyone at home helping her. This showed Miss Cotter how responsible and capable Prudence truly is. Way to go, Pru!


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