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Eagles of the Week 11/16/2020

Grade 3: Bronsen Nelson

Bronsen has been nominated by his classmate Owen and Ms. Kinney for being engaged, having an awesome attitude, and putting forth his best effort. Owen said that Bronsen is an amazing friend and a fair player. Ms. Kinney can always count on him to be engaged during class discussions. Sometimes Bronsen can have a difficult time with a problem but he perseveres and puts forth his best effort. Ms. Kinney appreciates his awesome attitude and hopes he continues his efforts throughout the rest of the year! Way to go, Bronsen!


Grade 4: Ethan To

Mrs. Langis is nominating Ethan to be this week’s Eagle of the Week for his awesome attitude, amazing listening skills, and the outstanding effort that he puts into his studies. Mrs. Langis can always count on Ethan to come into school with a positive attitude, a smile, and a good story. He is always kind and encouraging to this classmates. Ethan is great about listening to this classmates and teacher and it shows how well he does while completing his work. Ethan is always one of the first students to volunteer to help Mrs. Langis or another student with a task, even if it means that he needs to stop what he’s working on to do so. I’ve very proud of you, Ethan – keep up all the good work!


Grade 5: Riley Crowell

Miss Davis is nominating Riley for always giving her best effort and being a great listener. Riley is a role model for our classroom, she can often be found working quietly by herself or with a partner. She is determined to always do her very best and perseveres when problems get tough! When anyone in our room is having a rough day, Riley is always around to lift up their spirits with her positive attitude. Riley brings so much joy to our classroom, from her infectious laughter to her never-ending list of jokes and puns she tells us! Our classroom wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep shining bright, Riley!


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