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Eagles of the Week 3/9/2020

Grade 3: Jamon McDaniel

Jamon has been nominated by one of his classmates and Ms. Kinney.  Jamon let another student go ahead of him in line to get a drink at the water fountain. Ms. Kinney nominates Jamon for his growth in his academics as well as his kind heart. Jamon works hard every day to complete his work to his best ability. He is often seen helping other students get where they need to be. Congratulations, Jamon! Keep up the great work!


Grade 4: Elijah Bonnell

Elijah has been nominated by Mrs. Veilleux and a classmate for Eagle of the Week this Week. Elijah has been working very hard on being engaged and being an active listener. Elijah also showed a great work ethic on his narrative writing and as a result, created an outstanding story. Keep working hard and improving, Elijah.


Grade 5: Giuliana Roderick

Giuliana has been nominated by Miss Cotter and a couple of her classmates for Eagle of the Week this week. Giuliana has truly been engaged, and has put so much effort into her academics lately! Giuliana recently has been more willing to participate and share out in a whole group, and it has caused her peers to join her! Talk about a role model! Keep up the positive energy, Giuliana! You’re a champion!

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