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After School Wrestling Club at WES!

For the first time ever, an after school wrestling program has been implemented at Williams Elementary School.

A total of 44 students (Grades 3-8) were part of this initial program; 19 3rd graders, 4 4th graders, 11 5th graders, 1 6th grader, 5 7th graders, and 4 8th graders.  Wrestlers met on Mondays and Thursday from November through February and learned the basic skills involved in the sport of wrestling and had a lot of fun doing it! In addition to learning about wrestling, students learned valuable character lessons as well, such as discipline, hard work, and having a good attitude.

An after school wrestling program will also be implemented at Belgrade Central and James Bean this year! A brand new wrestling mat was funded by the Kapler Fund for the program. Thank you to Pat Engleright and Steve Rice for volunteering their time to coach our wrestlers.

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