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Eagles of the Week, February 10th, 2020

Grade 4: Isabella Mowbray

Isabella Mowbray has been nominated for Eagle of the Week by Kylie Gauthier and Mrs. Forney. Isabella is a great listener and shows respect to everyone around her. Kyle says that she always helps everyone around her. She puts 100% effort into her work and frequently goes back and fixes her mistakes without being prompted to do so. Mrs. Forney really enjoys her awesome attitude and the joy she spreads to others through her 80s references, jokes, or the fashion advice she gives Mr. Parisi!


Grade 5: Emma Stevens

Emma has been nominated by several of her teachers for having an awesome attitude. On Global Play Day, Emma noticed a student who was having a rough day. She went out of her way to include him and make him feel better. Emma turned his day around. She is always willing to help teachers and her peers. We are proud of you, Emma. Keep it up!


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