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Our First Eagles of the Week for 2020!

Grade 3: Isaac Pratt

Isaac was nominated by a friend in the classroom, Hunter. He said that Isaac is an EAGLE because he is focused in the classroom and does his best. Isaac is also a helper in and around the classroom. He picked up paper towels up off the bathroom floor even when it wasn’t his mess. Thank you, Isaac, for being such a great exemplar!

Grade 4: Logan Wyman

Logan was nominated by a classmate for working hard. Logan has been staying focused on his work and putting in a lot of effort. He has been working hard at adjusting to a new school. Logan has an awesome attitude and always makes us laugh. He is an amazing artist who draws pictures for students when they need a pick me up. Thank you, Logan, for spreading kindness through your artwork and awesome science and history facts!

Grade 5: Kayden Violette

Kayden is nominated for being an active listener and being engaged in his work. Kayden is always very focused and paces himself to get tasks done – very responsible. He always shows signs that he is listening and is eager to participate in class discussions. He is polite and helps others when he is needed, including his teacher. He has a super funny sense of humor and can make people laugh. Kayden is a true EAGLE!

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