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Students receive a red carpet welcome at WES.

Williams Elementary staff and students were excited to officially start the school year on Wednesday.  As usual, WES rolled out the red carpet, literally, to welcome everyone back.

A beautiful beginning of the year tradition at WES has all the students walk the red carpet on the first morning of school. First, the staff welcomes back the 5th and 4th graders. Then the 3rd graders come down the red carpet last and are welcomed to their first day at WES by the entire school community, including Chief Tracy, Captain Stubbert, Seargeant Sirois, and many WES parents. On the last day of school, WES echoes the tradition in reverse order as a way to say farewell to the 5th graders as they move up to MMS.

“It’s a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate the start and end of the year,” said WES principal Melanie Smith. “Our students always enter and exit in style!”

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