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Congratulations Eagles of the Week 5-20

Grade 3 – Tylor Simpson

Tylor has been nominated by Mrs. Sucy for his hard work and kindness in the classroom. Tylor is always willing to help others when needed. He is the first person to give to others before he takes for himself. His laughter and smiles make our days brighter in the classroom. Tylor works hard to complete his work and always does his best. Keep up the good work, Tylor.


Grade 4- Ava-Jo Shorey

Ava- Jo has been nominated by Mrs. Mayo for all of her hard work and effort this year on her classwork and homework! Ava-Jo always puts in lots of effort and is engaged with her learning. She always knows what her learning goals are and what she needs to do to show that she is successful. Ava-Jo responds well to feedback and always sees feedback as an opportunity to grow. Ava- Jo always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face even if a task or assignment that she is working on is challenging. She is always willing to take work home and even though she may need a little bit of extra time to complete tasks, they are always her best effort and are well done, meeting the expectations for success. Way to go Ava-Jo!!


Grade 5- Jackson Lee

Jackson has been nominated by Miss Hilton for his effort and awesome attitude. Jackson has worked hard this year to make his work the best that it can be by accepting feedback from teachers and his peers. Jackson is a kind friend and helpful classmate. Many peers have stated throughout the year that Jackson is a great person who is nice to be around. He has a great sense of humor and fun personality.


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