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WES at 10th Annual School Garden Day

Lynn Richard presented Williams Elementary School’s “Beginning Our Garden Journey Project” on April 27th at Trenton Elementary School.

Session Attendees received flash drives with the Garden Wise Curriculum Bundle. The bundle consists of 13 interdisciplinary lessons developed by Project Food, Land & People that are aligned to national standards and connect garden subjects to core curricula as well as many other curriculum support materials.

Williams Elementary School’s “Beginning Our Garden Journey” Project is designed to provide hands-on learning for students as we bridge the gardening gap from primary to middle school. Creating a tower garden and outdoor raised bed gardens will teach students about eating locally grown foods from seed to table.

Lynn and her students put together the tower garden at Williams with the support of Shannon Wallace (a parent volunteer). Ms. Wallace also started seedlings for our tower garden. Lynn and her crew will be planting the seedlings in the next couple of weeks.


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