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Congratulations to our recent Eagles of the Week!

Grade 3- Owen Walthan

Owen was nominated by Caleb and Miss Davis for his awesome attitude! Owen always tries his best and encourages others to stay on task and do their very best. Caleb said that Owen has been a great friend to be around this year and he always has an awesome attitude! He is a role model for our class. Way to go, Owen!


Grade 3 – Connor Caron

Connor has been nominated by Ms. Kinney for being an all-around E.A.G.L.E.  He comes to school every day with a smile on his face and is eager to start his day. As Connor continues throughout the day, he is focused on his tasks and puts in his best effort. During class discussions, he is engaged and listens to what all have to say. Connor is positive and doesn’t let too much bother him. He has such a great attitude that it is infectious to everyone he works with! Connor is a great example of what being an EAGLE represents.


Grade 4- Marcus Farwell

Mrs. Veilleux has nominated Marcus for being engaged and putting in a lot of effort. Marcus is always willing to help whenever Mrs. Veilleux needs something completed. Marcus has been putting a lot of effort in to his work and taking feedback to make his work better. Marcus has also been doing a good job keeping an awesome attitude even when hard things are thrown his way. Mrs. Veilleux is very proud of Marcus and how he overcomes obstacles that are thrown at him! Way to go, Marcus. Keep up the good work.


Grade 5 – Denny Martin

Denny Martin was nominated by both Adriana and Miss Cotter for having a positive and helpful attitude.  Denny’s positive attitude is demonstrated in his classwork, and when he’s working with his peers. Adriana claims that Denny is also great at solving problems, and whenever she needs something, he is sure to be there for her! Above all, Denny brings out the best in everyone around him! Keep it up, Denny!


Grade 5—Aurora Valencia-Carter

Aurora has been nominated by Sammy for being engaged in her work and for always having a smile on her face. She has been putting in lots of effort in her work while having a positive attitude. She has been very focused and listens to what her teacher is saying and to her classmates. Keep it up, Aurora!




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