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Congratulations Eagles of the Week 3/26

Grade 3 – Kylie Gauthier

Kylie has been nominated by several people. She has been nominated for being engaged, having an awesome attitude, and for having a growth mindset.  Kylie gets right to work and focuses on her work every day. She perseveres when she comes to a hard problem. Kylie is also polite and kind to everyone she meets. On one occasion, Kylie let Mr. Parisi know that a peer was sad after recess. She wanted to make sure Mr. Parisi knew so he could help her. Kylie also helped a friend in the classroom pick up all the beads that fell off her piece of jewelry and helped get the classmate something to put the beads in which made the classmate very happy. Way to be a good role model Kylie!


Grade 4 – Leah Van Tuinen

Leah has been nominated by Mrs. Langis and a peer. Lean has been nominated for having an awesome attitude, a growth mindset, and being a great listener. Mrs. Langis nominated Leah because she is always willing to help her classmates and teacher with any task that they may face. She comes into school each morning with a smile on her face, ready to learn. Her peer nominated Leah because “she is always listening and has an awesome attitude. When she is asked to do something, she drops whatever she’s doing to do that- whether it’s doing a task for the teacher or helping a fellow student with a math problem.” Great job, Lean! And thanks for all you do!


Grade 5 – Dagen Gooding

Dagen is nominated by Miss Hilton. Dagen could be nominated for any part of the Eagle Code! He is a kind and helpful peer.  He is always willing to help his teacher as well and has even given up recess to do so! Dagen always puts effort into his work and is willing to accept feedback to make his work the best that it can be.

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