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Congratulations Eagles 3/12

Grade 3 – Quinn Charles

Quinn was nominated by Sierra Kingsbury for having a growth mindset. Sierra says that even though Quinn missed a whole week of school because he was really sick, he accomplished all of the work that was due. She has seen Quinn treat others the way he would like to be treated. Sierra goes on to say that Quinn helps Ms. Kinney and his classmates when they need anything. He also makes people smile every day and is up for new risks.


Grade 4 – Zoe Brann

Zoe was nominated by Mrs. Veilleux for having a growth mindset and persevering. Zoe has been working extremely hard this year at school. She is a good friend and always willing to help others. Zoe has spent her recess time helping in the nurse’s office on several occasions. Keep up the great work Zoe!


Grade 5 – Amaya Adamson

Amaya was nominated by Miss Amanda Cotter for her amazing effort and for having a growth mindset! Amaya works to her best potential each day that she’s in the classroom! She’s always trying to better herself as a student and as a role model. Amaya can always be counted on as an active participant during class discussions! Keep up the fabulous work, Maya!


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