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Congratulations Eagles of the week 2/26

Grade 3 – Adriana Hague

Adriana has been nominated by Miss Davis for her awesome attitude and growth mindset! Adriana comes to school ready to work hard and try her best. She always has a great mindset about math and comes to class ready to learn. Adriana perseveres when she gets stuck and is always willing to help her peers. She always has a positive attitude, is kind and respectful, and is a wonderful friend to everyone in our classroom!


Grade  4 – Kaylee Fisher

Mrs. Forney nominated Kaylee Fisher for always having an awesome attitude! She takes on difficult tasks without ever complaining. She always puts 100% effort into everything she does! Mrs. Bradford stated that Kaylee is responsible. She is always on time and helps others be on time. She is kind and thoughtful when working with her classmates.


Grade 5 – Jada Forney

Jada has been nominated by Mrs. Brockway for having an awesome attitude and always putting effort into her school work. During math movement and math workshop, Jada encourages her classmates and helps them through math problems when they need help. She always has a positive attitude about math and the concepts we are working on. She perseveres and works hard in every subject area and continues to encourage others to do the same.

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