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Congratulations Eagles 1/8/19

Grade 3- Congratulations to our 3rd-grade eagle.  Media permissions prevent sharing the student’s name and photo.


Grade 4- Emma Phair

Emma was nominated by Mrs. Levesque and Elsie Spear for effort and awesome attitude. Elsie says “Emma is a kid that has a good attitude and puts in a good effort into her work. She is friends with everyone in the classroom.” Emma is always engaged and eager to learn. She is kind and ALWAYS helpful to others. Awesome job Emma!


Grade 5 – Annalyse Plourde

Annalyse was nominated by Miss Hilton and Miss Cotter for effort and awesome attitude. Annalyse works hard to succeed with her schoolwork. She is also encouraging and helpful to her peers Annalyse will raise her hand often to participate and share her thinking. Annalyse is a great role model for others! She has a great sense of humor and is a great friend and student.

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