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Congratulations to our eagles of the week!


Grade 3 – Bradley Isaac

Bradley was nominated by two of his classmates for doing a great job listening to the teacher when she gave directions.  He did what was asked of him and then went beyond by helping to pick up the classroom when it wasn’t his job.


Grade 4- Autumn Miller

Autumn was nominated by a classmate for having an awesome attitude because she perseveres on her work when it is hard. She is also cheerful and smiles at other students. There are many times when Autumn makes other classmates smile over something fun or cheerful that she says. Autumn’s teachers have also noticed that Autumn focuses on her independent work and does her personal best.  Her artwork and cheerfulness bring joy to all who are around her!


Grade 5- Landon Stewart

Landon has been nominated for having an awesome attitude and for putting his personal best effort into his work.  Landon is a great sport and has a great sense of humor. He is great at making others laugh! Landon is also a role model for his peers. He puts effort into his work and is responsive to feedback from his teachers. He is helpful and kind to his peers as well.

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