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Congratulations to our Eagles of the Week!

Grade 3 – Kolby Bernier

Miss Davis nominated Kolby Bernier for his awesome attitude and effort in the classroom. No matter what we are working on Kolby is always putting in his best effort and trying his best even when things are tough. Whenever I look around the room I always see Kolby taking time out of his day to help his friends if they have a question. No matter what we are working on Kolby always has an awesome attitude about it and it spreads to everyone else in our class. He will always make sure our classroom is neat and tidy and will pick up messes even if he didn’t make them. Kolby always has an awesome attitude and puts in his best effort every day!


Grade 4 – Elsie Spear

Mrs. Levesque nominated Elsie Spear for her eagerness to learn and her awesome attitude.  Elsie is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.  Each day she comes to school with a smile on her face and an enthusiasm for what the day has in store.


Grade 5- Nevaeh Baylis

Nevaeh was nominated by three of her classmates. One of her peers said, “Nevaeh is a kind friend. She always stays on task. When people are sad or stressed, she is always there. Whenever people are mean, she always stops them.” Another peer said, “Nevaeh always has a growth mindset. She gives it her all every day and pays attention to the teacher.” The third peer said, “Nevaeh is engaged by raising her hand and listening.  She always has a growth mindset and is funny. She always brightens up my day.”

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