For the safety of our employees and the people plowing, there will be no overnight parking allowed at any of the RSU 18 buildings until April 1, 2019.

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March Madness Kick Off

Our March Madness Kick Off occurred on February 14! We had many students and staff participate in knock-out games to kick off the event. Congratulations to our four knock-out winners who are pictured below.

From left to right: Logan Toothaker, Isaiah Rice, Jed Olkkola, and Dagen Gooding.

Students were also introduced to the nonfiction books in each bracket of this year’s tournament. The tournament is underway and the Elite 8 were announced today.

The Elite 8 include: What Makes a Monster?, Give Bees a Chance, Grace Hopper Queen of Computer Code, Malala’s Magic Pencil, Dazzle Ships, How the Cookie Crumbled, Can an Aardvark Bark, and The Youngest Marcher. Be sure to ask your child which book they are rooting for to be crowned the winner.

Our community read Maxi’s Secrets was also announced and students had an opportunity to view a quick book trailer and hear the first part of the book which was read aloud by our librarian, Rose Smith.

As part of our community read, we are asking families to donate items to help our local humane society. You may send in items like canned/hard food for cats and dogs of all ages, shavings for small cages and food for smaller animals. Any donation would be helpful. You can go to the following Waterville Humane Society website for more details: http:// or and click on Shelter Wish List.

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