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Guidance Services
Welcome to Williams Elementary Guidance Services

Cindy Woodard, Guidance Counselor

Atwood Elementary – 465-3411
Williams Elementary – 465-2965

Hi – I am Cindy Woodard. I have been a School Counselor since 1982 always working with students in S.A.D. 47 and now R.S.U. 18. I was a School Counselor at the Junior High/Middle School for 19 years after which time I moved to the Elementary Schools where I have been ever since. The last 30 years have gone very quickly! I now meet with multi-generational families I have known since the beginning of my work.

I meet with all students in both buildings in their classrooms, covering many topics following the Comprehensive School Counseling Program. The Maine Learning Results and the American School Counselor Association Standards are embedded in the School Counselor curriculum and activities. Topics include, but are not limited to: personal and social skills using Second Step Curriculum academic preparation, and career education.

I meet with individual students and small groups discussing many issues:

  • friendships,
  • “lunch bunches”–transitioning for new students
  • coping with stressful situations,
  • dealing with loss.

Students are referred by teachers, parents/guardians and the students themselves, particularly at the upper grade levels. I strive to contact parents/guardians if the meetings are of a continual nature. I share concerns with families. I do abide by limits to confidentiality. If a student divulges being abused or neglected or that an incapacitated or dependent adult is being abused, neglected or exploited this information must be shared with DHHS. If a student is in danger of harming him/herself this is also shared with parents/guardians with additional services put in place. Other limits include sharing information required by a court order, sharing information when a voluntary release is signed by a parent/guardian or during supervision.

The best way to serve all students is by involving families, schools and communities in reaching all students. I coordinate many programs including:

There are many organizations ready to assist families in the greater Oakland area including but not limited to the Oakland Town Office, the United Baptist Church which supports the the school with their snacks/backpack programs and soup and sandwich evenings on Thursdays, and the Oakland Food Pantry which is housed at the United Methodist Church On School St. in Oakland. The food pantry is open on Thursdays from 4-6 P.M.

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