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Eagles of the Week, 4/5/2021


Grade 5: Caleb Morris


Caleb has been nominated by Miss Cotter for this week’s Eagle. Miss Cotter notices how much effort Caleb puts into his work, along with how focused he is during writing, math, and reading. He is always willing to help his peers when he has completed an assignment or even help other teachers if need be. Caleb’s fun personality shines though in all he does, and he is Eagle material through and through. Keep shining, Caleb!


Grade 4: Lillian Rains


Lillian has been nominated by Caraline Lee and Mrs. Forney. Caraline notices that Lily is always paying attention and on task. Mrs. Forney loves that Lily always produces quality work with neatness and accuracy. She always pushes herself to add more details, show multiple strategies in math, and help out a friend who is struggling.  Lillian is an engaged, focused, and hardworking eagle. She is a true asset to #TeamForney.


Grade 3: Amaya Whitney


Amaya has been nominated for eagle of the week for her positive attitude, hard work, and effort in school. Mrs. Brockway has been impressed with how Amaya stays focused on her school work and takes pride in her assignments each day. It has been a pleasure teaching her and watching the academic growth that she has made this year. Not only is she a wonderful student, she is also kind, caring, and respectful toward others. Amaya continues to be a true role model. Amazing work!




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