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Book Tasting with Mrs. Veilleux’s Class

Mrs. Veilleux’s class was welcomed into the Veilleux Cafe when they arrived at school on Friday. Students took turns rotating around to different books in the classroom to “taste” them. Students then decided what they liked about the book they tasted and rated it in chef hats(stars).

Their names were then drawn to choose their favorite book that they tasted. All of the books were purchased by sponsors from Mrs. Veilleux’s friends and family. Donors donated $9 to sponsor a student so they can take home a book each month to keep forever in their home libraries.

Bradley says “ My favorite thing about the book tasting is “tasting” all of the different books.”

Kayla says “My favorite thing about the book tasting was getting to read and keep brand new books.”

Jacob says “My favorite thing about the book tasting was that there were all kinds of different types of books for different types of people.”

written by Samantha Veilleux

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