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Eagles of the week 1/25

Grade 3 – Pagean DePalma Yahn

Pagean was nominated by Ms. Kinney for showing great growth in her math and reading skills, her eagerness to learn and for being a friend to all.  Pagean works really hard in her academics by staying on task and persevering. She always has a smile on her face that lights up the room and her attentiveness to our discussions makes her a star student. Pagean is also willing to help teachers and peers alike, no matter what the task. Super effort Pagean!!


Grade 4 – Ross Turner

Ross was nominated by Mrs. Mayo and Mr. Parisi because he is such a wonderful, quiet leader in the classroom and an excellent role model for his peers. Ross works hard every day completing his tasks and assignments – he stays focused on his work, his task at hand, but is always willing to lend a helping hand when asked by his peers, and if a task is challenging he perseveres and maintains an “I can” attitude. Ross is friendly, kind, thoughtful, responsible, and respectful – everything that an eagle of the week should be. Way to go Ross!!


Grade 5 – Jade Baltazar

Jade was nominated by Miss Cotter because she has been a remarkable role model for her classmates and has shown great growth in her writing skills! Jade works to her best potential each day, and is always willing to help her peers and even her teachers. Jade is a friend to all, organized, and motivated! Keep up the great work, Jade!

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